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    Olivier Bernet is a French composer based in Berlin. His film-scoring work ranges from animation to features, short movies and documentaries.
    His score for Persepolis has been nominated at the César and the Annie Awards and won the award for Best Music at the Stockholm Film Festival.
    His score for Chicken with Plums has been nominated for Best Original Music at the CinEuphoria Awards.
    As heard in recurring collaborations with directors Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud or the director and ethnologist Marianne Chaud among others, his music can vary from powerful orchestral pieces to intimate and acoustic atmospheres, from an imaginary folklore music to a more experimental electronic sound or rock songs.
    Wether producing a full soundtrack in his studio, or collaborating with other musicians, orchestrators and sound engineers, he enjoys working on all kinds of projects, a flexibility that has probably something to do with his rock musician background.

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